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Park View School

Park View School is a small local authority special school, with a focus on providing a service for learners with an SEMH Education Health Care Plan between key stages 3 and 4.

Main Characteristics

  • We currently have 44 pupils on roll.
  • Our students break down as follows: KS3 = 39% (17 pupils), KS4 = 61% (27 pupils)
  • 100% of learners on roll have an EHCP for Social, Mental and Emotional Health difficulties.
  • 3% students are BME
  • 8% pupils have been assessed as eligible for free school meals (22% average for the borough)
  • 12% are currently “looked after” (LAC), 46% have involvement with Children’s Social Care, ranging from EHP to LAC.
  • 86% of students qualify for additional funding through the Pupil Premium.
  • 18% (8 out of 44) require medication, usually associated with ADHD.
  • Out of authority Children – 9% (4 pupils)
  • 34% have prior or current involvement with the Youth Justice system following conviction for a various offences.
  • 39% of our students have current involvement with the Children and young people service (CYPS/CAMHS),the vast majority of students have had some previous involvement with the service.

Significant changes- ‘Context’

  • January 2013 School opened under a new name (Park View) and in a new building.
  • March 2013 Section 8 Inspection, ‘Good’ progress made since being put in special measures and ‘Good’ progress made since last inspection
  • April 2013 major school staffing restructure, all members of the previous L&M have been moved on.
  • June 2013 OFSTED Section 5 full inspection, Park View graded ‘Good’ across all areas.
  • May 2014 PVS becomes part of the newly formed (NESSTP) and had to undergo rigorous assessment to support the national initiative of the BIG 6.
  • Sept 2015 the school has made significant progress in raising the profile of PVS and ensuring better student outcomes.
  • April 2015 the school appointed their new Head Teacher.
  • January 2016 Support staff underwent Job evaluations in conjunction with the LA, and 1/3 of 14/15 staff have moved on. Throughout the year we have appointed the following outstanding professionals, a lead practitioner, school business manager, 2 HLTA’s, Science teacher, Art Teacher and administrator.
  • April 2016 a year 10 student enters and wins the secondary Schools national award with Show Racism the red card.
  • May 2016 SIA report viewed Park View School as having ‘Outstanding’ Features in Effectiveness of Leadership and Management and Teaching, Learning and Assessment.
  • June 2016 two staff members, Joanne Scott and Christina Ramshaw were shortlisted for the HLTA North East award. Joanne Scott went on to win HLTA of the North East and was then shortlisted for the national Award.
  • July 2016 Park View open a joint venture with The Beacon Centre and the LA – Park View Pathways – supporting students who have been permanently excluded in Key stage 4.
  • September 2016, pupil numbers on roll from first day of academic year increased by 35% compared to last year (31 students to 42).
  • January 2017, Chris Rue becomes Executive Head Teacher of Epinay School (Outstanding MLD School, Lead School in Teaching Alliance) and Park View.
  • July 2017, Dave Borrell appointed as Interim Head Teacher following the resignation of C Rue. This is one year fixed term arrangement whilst the LA investigates changes to the working relationship between Park View School and The Beacon Centre.

Issues facing Governors

The issues facing us in 2016/17 were connected to our School improvement plan, self- evaluation cycle and CPD work. We also had to deal with the extended absence of the Head Teacher due to planned school-to-school support work:

  • To ensure early identification of a suitable cohort of students to start in September 2017 to ensure sustainable student numbers.
  • To fill vacant positions within the governing board and for them to have a greater role in school life.
  • To further increase the profile of Park View within the borough and beyond.
  • To develop capacity within the Senior Management Team to minimise the Head Teachers absence and ensure appropriate succession planning.
  • To support the school accordingly to ensure the clear move from ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’ was well evidenced and identified by the School Improvement Advisor.
  • To ensure a suitable New Head Teacher was identified following the resignation of the current Head Teacher at Easter.
  • To liaise and negotiate with the Local Authority following their intervention into the future management of the school and the adjoining PRU.

Additional factors to consider

  • Planning for student recruitment and admission is made problematic due to the right of placement controlled by the local authority.
  • Learners come from all over the local authority (and even the region) to Park View.
  • The majority of students are transported into school by staff in school vehicles. This has helped improve attendance. Other students are transported by taxi or travel independently.
  • The school has attained a range of highly regarded certification such as ‘Youth Sports Trust Silver Partner’ and ‘Investors in People’ (Gold Award).
  • The school currently runs external courses for support staff to reach HLTA status in conjunction with HLTA North East.
  • The school is a member of the Epinay Teaching Alliance, a unique Teaching School collaboration involving special schools only.

Impact of Governors work

  • The governing body agreed to provide support to an outstanding special school in South Tyneside, Epinay School. From January 2017 the Head Teacher was seconded over to Epinay 2.5 days per week and became Executive Head Teacher of both schools. Meanwhile the Deputy Head Teacher ‘acted up’ as Head Teacher 2.5 days a week to cover this absence. Governors of both schools monitored this arrangement regularly through joint, half termly meetings with both Heads to ensure that standards at both schools were not only maintained but continued to improve. During this period the School Improvement Advisor (Dave Snaith) was asked to support the senior leaders more closely by the governing body to ensure stability and continuity were maintained with the school.
  • The on-going support set up between the School Business Manager and designated link governor has continued to yield positive results and the financial sustainability of Park View School is now more concrete than ever before. In addition to this, a target was incorporated into the SIP to develop the charitable work of the school and the adjoining PRU, “Develop with Link Governor a fund raising group to create more opportunity to fund raise and work towards gaining Charity status”.
  • Link governors are now established for a range of specific areas of responsibility ranging from the categories of the Ofsted framework to school finance. They regularly meet with school leaders, fellow governors and the School Improvement Advisor. This ensures that data is interrogated by a range of stake holders ensuring that all school leaders are appropriately held to account.
  • Governors and leaders work tirelessly to raise the profile of the school and ensure that the outstanding work carried out at Park View receives suitable recognition. Consequently the school attained a range of certification during the academic year including the Safety First kite mark, the CPLD kite mark and retained its Investors in People Gold status.
  • All link governors meet with designated leaders at least once per term to challenge and explore data. For example the link governors for Teaching, Learning and Assessment meet termly with school leaders to ensure progress rates are continuing to improve, teaching standards are high and outcomes for students are attained. As a result no lessons during the summer term were graded less than good, over 90% of the school based cohort made progress in English, Maths and Science and we attained our best ever GCSE results with 46% 5 A*-G, 15% A-C and 23% 4+ in English and Maths.
  • The Executive Head Teacher tendered his resignation before Easter 2017 to move fulltime to Epinay School. The local authority intervened to investigate ways the school and the adjoining PRU (The Beacon Centre) could work more collaboratively together, given the retirement of the Head of Service of the PRU at the same time. This is an on-going process which the governors are working in close partnership with the LA to establish a clear future for both the school and the PRU. Meanwhile the governors have recruited Dave Borrell (the previous Deputy Head) as interim Head Teacher for one year to ensure continuity and stability at Park View until the Scoping exercise is complete. Governors, committee members and leaders from both the school and service will work together early in the 17/18 year to determine the future working partnership of both parties.
  • 2 new governors were recruited during the 16/17 academic year to replace governors who moved on. Rob Leonard, a former Science Teacher, who joined to support and challenge improving outcomes for pupils. The second governor is Val Holloran, Personal Admin for local car dealership. Val is working with the Assistant Head to scrutinise the data produced relating to attendance and behaviour. She has also supported the School Business Manager to establish a fund raising committee in partnership with the adjacent PRU.
  • Governors made great progress during the academic year in gathering the relevant evidence to attain the Governor Mark. It is anticipated that this status will be attained early in the 2017/18 academic calendar.

Composition of the Governing Board

  • 1 parent governor
  • 1 head teacher
  • 1 staff governor
  • 1 local authority governor
  • 5 co-opted governors

Committees of the Governing Board

  • Staffing Committee
  • Policy Committee

Chair of Governors

  • Mrs N Fraser

Vice Chair of Governors

  • Mrs Alison Parker

FGB Chart

  • One
  • Absent
  • Apology

Committees Chart

  • One
  • Absent
  • Apology

Total GB Attendance

  • Attendance
  • Apologies
  • Absence

Register Of Govenors Interests

Category Appointing Body Terms of Office Committees (if associate member has voting rights) Official responsibility
Mrs Noreen Fraser Co-opted Governing Board 29/06/2015 – 28/06/2019 Head Teacher Performance Management Group Resources Committee Policy Committee Chair of Governors
Mr Terry Haram Co-opted Governing Board 29/06/2015 – 28/06/2019 Chair of the Policy Committee Head Teacher Performance Management Group Resources Committee Resigned 08-05-2017
Mrs Alison Parker Co-opted Governing Board 29/06/2015 – 28/06/2019 Head Teacher Performance Management Group Policy Committee Vice Chair of Governors
Mr Adam Pringle Co-opted Governing Board 29/06/2015 – 28/06/2019 Policy Committee Resigned 18-01-2017
Val Holloran Co-opted Governing Board 25/01/2017 – 24/01/2021
Robert Leonard Co-opted Governing Board 27/01/2017 – 26/01/2021
Cllr Gladys Hobson LEA Local Authority 12/12/2012 – 11/12/2016 Staffing Committee Policy Committee
Mrs Francesca Cowan Parent Parents 09/02/2016 - 08/02/2020 Policy Committee Resigned 04-11-2016
Ms Michelle Bland Parent Parents 29/06/2015 – 28/06/2019 Policy Committee Resources Committee
Mr William Bell Staff Staff 29/06/2015 – 12/06/2018 Policy Committee Resources Committee
Mr D Borell Head Teacher By Virtue of Position 1/09/2017 - Policy Committee Staffing committee

Register Of Govenors Interests

Category Nature of Interest Date Interest Registered Date Interest Ceased Notes
Mrs N Fraser Co-opted None 28-09-2016 Governor at Harton Tech college Governor at Jarrow School
Mr J T Haram Co-opted None 28-09-2016 Chair of Governors Ashley Primary
Mrs A Parker Co-opted None 28-09-2016
Mr A Pringle Co-opted
Mr C Rue Head Teacher None 28-09-2016
Cllr G Hobson LEA None 28-09-2016 Governor of Ashley Primary
Ms M Bland Parent None 28-09-2016
Mr W Bell Staff

Governor information required for ERDU database

Date of Birth Postcode Nationality Previous Names
Mrs N Fraser 11-10-1947 NE34 6JT British
Mr J T Haram 16-06-1949 NE34 8ND British
Mrs A Parker 20-12-1951 NE36 0LD British
Mr A Pringle 12-09-1988 NE23 2QB British
Mr C Rue
Cllr G Hobson 05-04-1943 NE33 2NN British
Ms M Bland 16-04-1981 NE9 7NN British
Mrs F Cowan 12-04-1979 NE25 8NG
Mr W Bell 31-01-1962 NE35 9ND British

Chair of Governor’s Email address-

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