Attendance and punctuality are of prime importance at Parkview School. We have excellent attendance because our students enjoy school and want to do well. National statistics show that students with less than 95% attendance (all schools) are less likely to achieve their potential. If they are absent they are not learning. The school therefore does not authorise family holidays during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Parents should always write to the Head teacher to consider authorising leave of absence for any purposes.

Park View places a strong emphasis on pastoral care and is committed to creating an environment in which every young person can really achieve their best. Each student is assigned a staff mentor from day 1, this mentor is the first point of contact for the student and parent/carer. The mentor speaks weekly to the parent/carer with an update of the students’ progress/issues in school. All staff fill in a daily diary with comments from lessons and non-academic times. The diary’s are used by the mentors to feedback to parents/carers

We understand that transition from previous schools can be a very anxious time for both students and parents. New students are enrolled through a transition of attendance sessions until Staff, Students and staff feel it is appropriate to a full timetable. The school promotes a strong three-way partnership between parents, students and staff through the schools mentor programme as we feel this is crucial to a student’s development. Parents are invited to take an active part in their child’s learning.

Supporting the School mentors and class teachers is the Pastoral Staff, these are the first point of contact for students out of class. These are non-teaching members of staff who are available to see students at all times of the day. They are supported by Senior Leadership members of staff when appropriate.

The school does not tolerate bullying or racism and has strong anti-bullying and anti-racism policies which are signed by all members of the school community.

We are extremely proud of our students’ achievements and successes and we celebrate this through a variety of rewards and presentation events throughout the year. (See our PVS Fridays page)

We operate a four step Behaviour systems, you can see this here:


Pathways Provision (Phase 4)

We have in place a number of alternative courses to meet the needs of certain students by replacing traditional lessons with a focus on acquiring work and social skills.  A number of students in Years 10 and 11 attend, you can learn more about this on our Home page > Students can Learn > Pathways page.


In addition to the sanctions put in place by Class teachers, Pastoral staff and Mentors at least one senior member of staff is always available throughout the day to support students outside of the classroom and to help reintegrate them back in to their learning environment.The Pastoral team, along with other staff also monitor behaviour outside of the classroom, this includes on Transport, at breaks, lunches and when leaving school. The school deals with behaviour in a variety of ways and is always individualised, for more information about rewards, consequences and sanctions please contact us  here:

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