PVS Fridays

PVS Fridays

Parkview School are very proud to present PVS Fridays!!

What is PVS Friday?

PVS Friday is the school’s Incentive day, the lucky few who have had a fantastic week and achieved enough points in order to gain access to the weekly reward activity will have the opportunity to have a fantastic offsite experience.

How to access PVS Fridays

Students need to work hard and demonstrate positive behaviour both in their lessons and in and around the school from Monday to Thursday. When in lessons students must adhere to 3 criteria’s, these are, being in the right place, being on time and doing the right thing. The criteria’s are all linked to student behaviour, the teacher will award points based on how the student has managed themselves during the lesson. Students will continue to accumulate points throughout the week which will subsequently place them on a weekly school leaderboard.  On a Thursday evening staff will check the leaderboard and the lucky few who have achieved enough points for the week will receive a phone call from staff to inform them they have access to the trip on Friday.



Example of PVS trip Timetable

All the trips which take place for PVS Friday are planned in advance. The poster below is made visible to students on a notice board so they all know what rewards are planned and what they are all working so hard to try and achieve. Each half term the poster is updated with the new trips and placed on the school notice board.



‘Had a great time at the cinema and loved going to Maccy D’s afterwards, class day out’ Kobi – Year 10 student

‘Had a really good day at flamingo land, it took ages to get there but it was a mint day’ Leo – Year 11 student

‘The indoor go karting was unreal!! Hope we do that again’ Lars – Year 9 student

‘I loved the snowboarding trip, it was a long way on the bus but was worth it’ Demi – Year 10 student

‘Had a class day at the beach, loved the fish and chips we had for dinner’ Gareth – Year 9 student